Friday, November 23, 2012

Tool 3

1. I thought YouTube was the most useful of the video sites. I am most familiar with this site and used it to show a video clip from the TV show LOST earlier in the semester. Students positively responded to something from their everyday lives being brought into the classroom and related to math.

2. Finding the Percent of a Number from YouTube

Fraction Rap

3. Copy Right and Fair Use: I thought it was great how Disney clips were used as an example to teach copy right and fair use. It is important to set an example for our students when it comes to these topics. For example, we do not want students to plagiarize. I liked the link posted to see quickly if the material you are using is acceptable or not. This makes copy right and fair use jargon accessible to people such as myself who are not as familiar with the terms but still with to use materials properly.

4. The DropBox account is nice because I can place items from my personal computer that I find at home and it automatically goes to my school computer. This way, I can work from home with more ease instead of carrying my laptop to and from school. In the classroom, I can have an account so that students can access material quickly and easily. I still do not understand the benefit of this tool over students accessing their google docs accounts.

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