Friday, November 23, 2012

Tool 7

Previously in the semester, I had students writing summaries of each section of the chapter we were about to test over and then had the next class tag along and enhance what the previous groups had written. This would be a great project to do electronically so that all students could have more time to collaborate. For example, using Google Docs would provide a way to have each student show where they contributed in the project. It would also save time when students were writing down definitions. Students could create a problem for the next group/class period to solve. It would also be interesting to try this between classes because there would be some pride/competition factor incorporated.

A fast way of sharing ideas is through todaysmeet which I really enjoyed exploring. It is very easy to use. I would prefer for the long run using something such as edmodo but for something quick, todaysmeet is nice because there are no hassles of signing in, etc. This would be great for a warm up, again which gets the class motivated and interested. An example of a project would be to name where slope is used in everyday life. Students could make responses through their phones and see the results pop up on the activboard as the warm up.

Another idea would be to have the last class reflect on what they learned and then the next group could get idea of where the last class was able to travel. This way, students will have an end goal in mind when starting the lesson.

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