Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tool 11

I loved the ten marks web page. This is something I could easily implement. I love that it matches with the curriculum. To use this in my classroom, I would make the problems as an extra practice website. I am not sure yet how I could use it mainstream because of the variety of problems and I would want students to have a copy with them when they come to class. Each student can have a password assigned to them which would be easy to distribute by printing them off. I could also rent a COW for the day and have students work on their ten assigned problems. This way, I help students with problems while having the assessment scores reported.

The 11 Tools blog has helped me realize that I can be taking advantage of even more technology in the classroom. I do feel that some of the items mentioned have already been put to use but there are many tools that I now have a better understanding of and am less intimidated to use. I want to spend time becoming familiar with edmodo so that I can use it for next year. I feel comfortable that the next group of students will like this technology because they use it in other classes. It will also help the classroom environment by creating a network for students to ask questions and help others with homework.

I like how I was introduced to new ideas and now am able to have a database to return to when I want to reference these tools. I want to make sure that I don't become overwhelmed by the technology but rather integrate it gradually so that it authentically becomes a part of my classroom. When I feel confident about the technology, my students will be as well and can look at me as a role model for using technology in their own worlds.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the journey and happy to know that you will refer back to continue to learn and grow. We are working on a solution to the netbooks which should improve their performance dramatically for next year. You also might want to take a look at MangaHigh. students might enjoy "gaming" in math too!