Friday, November 23, 2012

Tool 10

Point 1: Don't be a bully! Cyber bullying is wrong just as much as bullying in person is.
Point 2: Have a balanced life of online and real life interaction. It is not healthy to spend all of your time online but rather online interactions are a tool to building real life interactions.
Point 3: Take advantage of the technology around us. We are fortunate to have access to such technology and it would be a shame to waste it.

I would share the Digital Dossier video and page with my students. There is a great list that summarizes different areas of digital citizenship that I take for granted but have to remember that these concepts were taught to me. In turn, I need to relay this information to my students. I also liked the video approach because it was from a child's voice so it does not sound like a lecture and the information is thought provoking.

To teach the concept of digital citizenship, I could show the video to my activity class and we could have a discussion about it. We could then have discussions focused on cyber bullying which tie into classroom and real life interactions that we are already working on the classroom. This relates to a no place for hate activity we recently did.

For parents, I could email them of what is to be expected for the activity and resources they could use to talk about digital citizenship with their students. I could also include the parents in the lesson by having students interview their parents on the questions we will be discussing in class.

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